Selling Your Home

Millions of people are finding out their home is worth more than they think, and it might be the case with yours as well. Find out with the CB Estimate®.

When it comes time to sell your Miami home or condo, The balanced combination of professionalism, experience and a modern marketing approach will make all the difference.


I acknowledge that the motivation to sell your home can stem from a variety of life events, each of which influences the approach to selling your property. Whether it's downsizing your family home after your children leave for college, or accommodating a growing family or seizing an excellent job opportunity that necessitates relocation, a skilled real estate professional comprehends the subtleties essential for customizing the selling process to suit your unique circumstances.

With my extensive experience in assisting homeowners with the sale of their houses and condominiums, I've crafted a robust marketing strategy employing innovative methods. My goal is to attract qualified and motivated buyers to your property, ensuring a seamless transaction from the beginning to the end.

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High-Resolution Photography

My marketing strategy centers on employing professional photography to showcase your home in its most favorable light. This approach guarantees that prospective buyers are presented with a compelling first impression, increasing the likelihood of them forming a strong connection with your property.

National & International Network Distribution

Apart from having your property listed in the MLS, your property listing is seamlessly distributed to other prominent websites including Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and our global affiliates spanning across the world.


Social Media Marketing and Email Blasts

In order to maximize the visibility of your property, we utilize social media as a strategic platform for promoting your home throughout every phase of the sales process. We create "Coming Soon," "Just Listed," and "Open House" posts to generate anticipation and interest around your property. Even before your home is officially listed, we initiate a social media marketing campaign and an email property blast, creating excitement among potential buyers about your home.

Local and International Email Marketing & Open House Campaigns

We utilize our extensive network to send strategically targeted email campaigns for promoting various listings, such as "Just Listed," "Broker's Open Houses," and standard "Open Houses." Our email blasts encompass a diverse audience, including our roster of qualified buyers, website visitors, top-performing real estate professionals from other companies, and our international partners.

Industry-Leading IDX Search Technology for Buyers

We've created this website using the latest IDX MLS technologies, enhancing search capabilities and offering the most comprehensive "Specialty Search Categories" available in the real estate market. When buyers explore properties on our website, they benefit from advanced features that set us apart from other local or national real estate portal sites.

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The Typical Sales Process



Collaborating with a local area specialist empowers you throughout the entire selling process. Their expertise offers a distinct advantage by providing reliable insights into property pricing trends, the current market conditions, and ensures your representation during negotiations is both strong and dependable.



Before determining the asking price for your home, it's crucial to take various factors into account. These factors encompass the overall condition of your property, the need for any significant upgrades or renovations, and the prevailing market inventory at the given moment.



Achieving the right listing price for your home requires a careful balancing act. An excessively high price can lead to prolonged periods on the market or no sale at all. Conversely, a price set too low might mean missing out on a potentially more profitable outcome.



Maintaining flexibility in your schedule is crucial during this period. While your comfort and privacy matter, not all buyers can adjust to your preferred showing times.


Avoid losing potential buyers due to inflexibility. It's equally vital to keep your home clutter-free and clean, ensuring it's ready for showings at any reasonable time. Being accommodating and presenting your home in its best condition increases the chances of a successful sale.



Upon receiving an offer, you have four options to consider:

1. Acceptance: By accepting the offer as presented, you ratify it, entering into a contract for the sale of your property.

2. Counteroffer: You can choose to negotiate various terms, such as the purchase price, contingency periods, and the escrow length, by making a counteroffer.

3. Back-Up Position: If another offer has already been accepted, you may provide a back-up offer. In this case, the buyer can ratify their offer if the initial offer falls through or is canceled.

4. Rejection: Your final option is to reject the offer outright.



Once you have accepted the offer and received an executed contract, the inspection and escrow phase commences. In this stage, the buyer's deposit is placed in an escrow account, and all disclosures and documents, including the sales contract, undergo thorough examination. This signifies the buyer's good-faith commitment to the transaction.


Throughout this period, your home is taken off the market, and the expectation is that the buyer will proceed with the purchase, provided no significant issues with your property are unearthed during their due diligence, particularly during property inspections.



In this phase, it's essential that you have completely vacated your home. This involves a thorough cleaning and ensuring that any agreed-upon repairs have been carried out. Your home should be well-maintained until the final walk-through takes place, including proper care of your landscaping, pool maintenance, and keeping utilities active. A seamless final walk-through is key to ensuring a smooth and timely closing process without any unnecessary delays.



The final walk-through represents the buyer's final opportunity to inspect your property just before taking possession. Ideally, it should be scheduled within a 24 to 48-hour window before the closing, or as close as possible to this timeframe. This walk-through provides assurance to the buyer that the property's condition has remained consistent since their last visit. It also serves as a confirmation that all agreed-upon repairs have been completed and that no new damage has occurred as a result of your move-out process.



The final phase in any real estate transaction is the closing process. This crucial date marks the formal transfer of ownership, where you, as the seller, will sign over the deed to the new owner. The buyer takes possession and receives the keys to their new home.


At the closing, the balance is settled in full, whether by the buyer or their financing institution. This balance includes various costs like title search services, mortgage and homeowner's insurance, prorated property taxes, title insurance, and, when applicable, condominium or homeowner's association (HOA) fees. It's important to note that closing costs are typically covered by the buyer and can vary depending on the specific details of the transaction.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you about what your home is worth and to answer any questions. Contact me today and take the first steps toward making your dreams real.

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